Springer Journal of Software and Systems Modeling, Theme Issue: AI-enhanced Model-Driven Engineering

Over the past years, we have witnessed a substantial rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) successfully applied to different domains and, whether we are aware of it or not, impacting our daily lives through its presence in almost every device we use. More recently, AI is also starting to impact all aspects of the system and software development lifecycle, from upfront requirements elicitation to their specification, design, testing, deployment, operation and maintenance, with the main goal of helping engineers produce systems and software faster and with better quality while being able to handle the increasing complexity.At the same time, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), which aims to reduce the accidental complexity of system and software development as well as to make the intrinsic complexity of software-intensive systems more manageable, has proven to improve software development and is being used increasingly in the software industry.The integration of AI components may increase the current benefits of MDE processes and tools, pushing the limits of “classic” MDE and providing software systems engineers with the right techniques to develop the next generation of highly complex model-based systems.

Call for Papers: Theme Issue on AI-enhanced Model-Driven Engineering